Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Upcoming Posts

It's been longer than I'd have liked since I've posted anything. I've been involved in transitioning to a new position at a fantastic (secret) start up and immersing myself in learning new things. I want to take some time to put together some really interesting pieces that will be helpful not only in the academic oh that's nice way, but also pragmatically.

With the growing emphasis on distributed, highly concurrent applications in the development world, I'd like to put out some analysis of best practices in these types of applications. Frameworks / projects like Spring and Hadoop give us the means to build huge applications that solve real problems, but still so many people struggle to put them into practice. We have excellent reference, but the narrative is filled with oversimplified how-tos that don't show work, as my eighth grade math teacher would say.

Of particular interest, and the focus of the next few posts, will be Spring (3.0.0 release), Spring Integration, OSGi (yea, again), Hadoop, HBase, and EC2. Sure, plenty has been written about all of these, but hey, it's the internet and every crackpot gets their say.